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Texas Department of State Health Services prohibits the use of Testimonials in Massage Therapy advertisements or websites based on the assumption that testimonials are inherently difficult to verify and are misleading. To that purpose, contact information for any of the following individuals is readily available to anyone interested. Please email or call Natalie for information. You can reach her via the "Contact" page.

If you are a client and would like to share your feedback, please send an email as well. Natalie loves hearing from her customers!

"I began seeing Natalie for relaxation massages, which evolved into her working with me on two serious health issues. Natalie's knowledge of human anatomy has been invaluable to me, and I know for a fact that her work saved me from another surgery. "
Jim Floyd- Cedar Park, TX

"I have been blessed in my life to have met Natalie. In 2004, I had an injury to my neck, which resulted in herniations in cervical vertebrae C5 through C7. These caused me great pain, discomfort and affected my quality of daily life.  With Natalie’s wonderful knowledge, care, and intuition regarding how the body reacts to movement and touch, I was able to avoid surgery and return to the active lifestyle which I try to never take for granted.  I have gone to see Natalie on several other occasions when I had issues with my tissues. I strained my left hamstring and was unable to perform to a level of running to which I was accustomed, and would awake with shooting pains along my IT band. So who was I going to call???? “HANDS OF STEEL.”  Within 3 visits I was able to run, and my ITB pains had lessened.  I have the utmost respect and confidence in Natalie and the work she does. I am only one of many people she has helped regain a better quality of life. Natalie’s desire to continue learning and developing her skills keep her ahead of the curve. This puts her in a class above all others in her profession.  Thanks you for all you do and remember to breathe!"
Laurie Fryar - Austin, TX 

"To everyone in *touching distance* of Natalie Durkin, LMT:
When Natalie completes a massage, all I want to say is, 'Ahhhh.' I had forgotten that my body can feel this fantastic! Thank you, Natalie for who you are, the modalities you have studied and put together in a totally relaxing and rejuvenating experience."

Jean McClelland, Massage Afficionado - Horseshoe Bay, TX

"Aside from regular bodywork that Natalie has performed for me, in the last 3 years she has helped me twice with tension headaches. The first time, my head hurt so badly that I had convinced myself I had a brain bleed or something catastrophic. The ER told me it was sinus related, gave me pain medication and sent me on my way. Nat spent 30 minutes working on me and the headache was gone. She helped me understand how tension can cause monster headaches and how to help manage them with bodywork and stretching, and I went 2 years without that type of headache again. Most recently, she worked to fit me in last minute and saved the day once again. Natalie, my family and I thank you!"
Tyra Taylor - Round Rock

"Natalie has been my MT for two significant periods of my life - during a period when I was actively changing my body for exercise and health, and a second time after a surgery, when my body was recovering. In both situations, I have found Natalie to be a gifted healer, both for the mind and one's energy. Natalie's presence in my life has been a great gift to my health! Get to know Natalie!"
Joi Chevalier - Austin, TX

"I tried many MTs before I found Natalie. None of them were able to help relieve my lower back pain as well as Natalie has-- I either felt simply "rubbed on" because the therapist was too light-handed, or felt beaten up because they were too rough. Natalie assesses what techniques I need and utilizes them in a caring manner so I don't feel put through the ringer afterwards. I always feel better - and in less pain - following a session with Natalie. She is definitely the best massage therapist in town and I recommend her services to everyone I know. She is awesome!"
Marlo Kostelecky - Austin, TX

"Natalie makes you feel right at home and comfortable. I love going to her because I have low back and neck issues and she is helping me through those painful times. I put the massage into my budget because it feels great!
Mary Pickett - Austin, TX

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